We believe that our development is possible, insofar as the environment in the broader sense is doing well. Development of a hotel chain like ours, like all humane activities, is only possible in a preserved and durable environment!

Our Corporate Commitment:

  • Male/female parity at the management level (Half of the hotels are managed by women. Half of our kitchen chefs are women.)
  • Equal pay between men and women.  For the same functions, salaries are equal between the genders
  • No interim staff with weak social coverage
  • Accountability: Simple structures to increase the accountability of the employees. We believe that in giving broad autonomy to everyone, the satisfaction of customers and employees will be increased.
  • By Fassbind Hotels support culture and sports by acting as the partner hotel for numerous events. In this role, we seek a long-term relationship based on trust and satisfaction of the expectations of the organizers. Check here some stars that have stayed with us and the main partners that we coach.


Our commitment to the environment:

For energies:

Our philosophy is to test innovative techniques during renovations and then reuse them in all the hotels.

  • In the 60’s
    • Placement of our hotels near public transport and encouragement to use it
    • Creation of skylights or vast glass roofs to reduce electrical lighting
  • In the 90’s
    • Recovery of thermal energy produced by most fridge installations
    • Widespread use of low-energy lighting
    • Connection of all lighting in service areas and emergency stairways to motion detectors
    • Installation of automatic management of window openings to guarantee better thermal comfort and reduced use of air-conditioning
    • Integration of environmental criteria in product choices (reduction of packaging, local production…)
    • Washing of bathroom linens only if the customer requests it
    • Sorting of waste (compost, paper, aluminium, plastic, glass…) where possible
  • Millenial
    • Intelligent regulation of heating and air-conditioning in the rooms
    • Widespread use of LED lighting
    • Insulation of façade to improve thermal and sound insulation
    • Recovery of thermal energy produced by air-conditioning
    • Dual air flow with recovery of heat
    • Proposal to customers to renounce bottled mineral water by offering water from the carbonated network
    • Promote to drink tap water in the rooms instead of providing PET bottle to all our 280’000 yearly hotel guests
    • Our executive don’t fly for businesse meeting in Europe. We always take the train.
  • 2010-2020
    • The Water fountains and lakes of the Hotel Alpha-Palmiers are feeded with the water of a spring that we found under the hotel
    • Installation of solar panels for hot water
    • Install Plug to charge electrical vehicule in all our parkings. Free of charge for hotel guests
    • Add more local product in the restaurants like local beer la Nébuleuse and local fruit juice Opaline in our restaurants
    • Stop using paper towel to dry hands in all public toilets of our restaurants and meeting space. Installation of powerfull Dyson hand dryers
  • Current developments
    • In Zurich, “environmental action” contribution of CHF 2.30 per person per night to finance our service and environmental commitment
    • In Zurich: Free airport and main-station transfer by public transport to the hotel on day of arrival
    • high efficient isolation in the renovation of the Züri and Swiss Night
    • revolutionary heat and cold production unit at the Züri
    • stop all the old oil heating in all properties
    • Propose to our guestfree of charge electric and conventional bicycle in Zurich
    • Our guest can use free of charge our 3 carvelo2go
    • Installation of special anti-UV films in every hotel
    • Staff housing heating switched on CO2 neutral City Distance Heating
    • Renovation of Alpha-Palmiers’s main entrance to significantly reduce need of heating and AC
  • The Swiss Chocolate Lausanne : Driven by the expert, the family Elmiger, we offer at the Swiss Chocolate Lausanne the very best environmental hotel in the region:
    • Solar pannels on the roof top that is 100% used for the Hotel’s electricity
    • Heating by using the heat of the burning of Lausanne’s waste
    • Shower tub that recycle the heat of the used water
    • Isolation of the building
    • Double ventilation with heat recuperation
    • All the lightning is LED based and controlled by movement detection
    • All the rooms have no consumption when not rented
    • The building was built out of natural material as mineral coulours, Calc walling, Linoleum. The fassade doesn’t has any biocide.
  • Following of our hotels are Carbon neutral :
    • Swiss Chocolate Lausanne
    • Swiss Night
    • Swiss Wine
    • and partly Züri & Agora Swiss Night
    • Soon Alpha-Palmiers and Swiss Chocolate Zürich