Swiss Night

The Hotel Agora Swiss Night is the first Hotel of a collection called Swiss Night Hotels owned by Fassbind Hotels.

The aim of this collection is to offer to international travellers a real Swiss experience with an internationnal Confort standard. Eric Fassbind who launched this concept was bored of travelling in hotels around the world having all the same decoration. What is the experience offered by a hotel if its design and colour is the same as any other hotel located in any city around the world. How can I know or feel that I’m in Shanghai, New-York, Paris or Lausanne ? To escape this frustration the idea of offering a true Swiss experience in a modern design hotel, without being kitch, was born.

The idea is to launch the Agora Swiss Night in Lausanne and then fine-tune the product to be installed in other cities in Switzerland. Each Swiss Night Hotel will have a different design. But each Swiss Night Hotel will propose an amazing uncomplicated swiss experience. Sleeping with us will offer an additional experience. Our clients will have a great story to tell their friends when they are back home! They will have slept in a “Swiss” hotel not in a hotel in Switzerland designed like any tasteless international chain hotel !